An old pic of me @ 325lbs.- my heaviest-ugh! 11/17/2010

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4/4/2014 6:10:50 AM

I am now 27 lbs. away from my goal weight! I look nothing like this anymore! I am just blown away! I look more like my pic of me with my rocker chic hairdo but my hair is to my butt.

3/28/2013 4:55:29 PM

I love the way you have posted pictures of are a amazing lady and a beauty.

2/5/2013 7:41:48 PM

According to my doctor tonight I was 145 lbs. overweight in this picture & within a few short months I will have reached my goal of 180 lbs.!! I've lost 100 lbs. so far & know that I can lose those last 45 lbs.! If I can do it-so can you!! A year ago next month I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which is now almost gone,under active thyroid that is now doing well, & high cholesterol that has gone down. So please don't give up on yourself! You CAN become healthy again...