Before: 216 lbs on May 5, 2012

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7/17/2014 2:15:50 PM

wow, your smart in taking a before shot...

10/31/2012 7:02:55 AM

Gosh you ought to put this on your main page so people can see the difference! :-)

10/17/2012 3:47:50 PM

Wow you are now at 145lbs as 0f oct 2012 and this is you at nearly 200lbs. You have come a long way! This is great work, you should be proud! You have helped motivate me. I'm at 202 and need to take off 72. If at 70 yrs. young you can do it, than this 44 year old can!

Thanks for inspiring me :)


5/24/2012 4:17:19 PM

Wow, what a difference 16 lbs can make. I always thought that ten lbs means one pants size bigger. I can sure tell from your other picture that you are now two sizes smaller.