My first dress in years! 4/12

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2/19/2014 3:58:29 PM

You look wonderful! You should be so very proud of yourself!!
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5/22/2013 11:47:57 PM

You're such an inspiration Watchmego. Are currently using the Spark plan of losing weight? I started and stopped. Then I realized i'm not a quitter not this easily. I had been following the plan but wasn't able to do much exercising. Have health issues that limit it to a degree, When I quit in April for 2 weeks I went back to the same bad habits telling myself I don't care, I'll just except the fact I can't do this and leave it at that. I was crushed because I hadn't lost 1 pound in over 5 weeks. Then real me kicked in and said to myself it's not about the scale it's about the quality of life. If it takes a long time so what? I'd rather take a longer time to lose then to quickly gain even more and feel even more upset with myself. You look amazing and I know there was no magic pill or potion. It take dedication and hard work. Thanks for giving me a bright spot in my day. I don't know why I came to your page of all the ones I was viewing to look on the page. I'm glad I did. I haven't made a lot of friends. That's my own fault for not being sociable. I can't blame it on anyone it's hard for me to just go on and try to seek out new people. God bless and keep're beautiful. emoticon emoticon

2/18/2013 11:24:30 PM

Nice dress...... I cant say if I even have a dress that fits me in my closet! Tell me how did you lose it all, esp in your arms and legs? How long did it take you using the South beach diet? Its what I use mostly and been using it for most days, but my bad is, that I cant seem to not have sweets! Being borderline diabetic does not help! ) You look great! I added youa s a fiend, amybe you can give me some ideas and input? Hugs, susana emoticon emoticon

11/16/2012 6:46:09 AM

Really nice dress. I haven't worn a dress in years either. There is hope for me yet! :-)