Me on Xmas eve 2009, 335 lbs. Wearing black to look smaller, Ha!

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Member Comments on this Photo:
4/10/2015 2:58:53 PM

You're a hoot...Love 'reading' your stuff!! Inspirational!

I remember someone saying 'the camera adds about 10 lbs''d say...I must have about 10 cameras on me....It's nice 'meeting you'!

8/25/2013 2:03:57 AM

I love it! You should see the suit that used to be "slimming" on me! Sharon

10/31/2012 11:28:20 PM

wow! what a difference! You definitely are an inspiration to me!! emoticon emoticon

4/27/2012 7:46:02 PM

I like your turquoise too. I have a necklace that I bought and had never worn since it was so tight on my neck, and now it fits. Isn't weight loss great?

4/21/2012 6:11:04 PM

The only thing I like about this photo is the lovely turquoise, coral jewelry I designed and am wearing. When I ware it now in 2012 the necklace hangs a lot further down my chest.
I used to make most of my jewelry for "larger" women. Now I think about the smaller women, and try to include them in my designs.