BEFORE - 290 (summer 2007), AFTER: 170 (2008), NOW: 183 (2011)

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8/18/2012 12:57:54 PM

I'm just starting. Frankly same weight you were in the beginning - I'm going to do this. I can't imagine running a marathon - that would be fantastic. Secretly - my big goal is to lose enough weight to go zip-lining. Thanks for the inspiration today! Spark-on!

5/15/2012 9:48:31 PM

Still so inspiring! You have not only lost the weight, but you have gained a whole new lifestyle which keeps you looking and feeling great. emoticon

4/24/2012 11:57:21 PM

your success story is so amazing to me. i am new to this, in fact, new to weight loss entirely since ive never had to in my life. i want to look as good as you. how did you lose the weight from your tummy?! any advice for a complete beginner? emoticon

3/28/2012 9:25:21 AM

I love this picture! I love all the changes you've made and I think you look amazing!!

3/20/2012 7:57:03 PM

Wow! You look totally amazing! Congrats!! emoticon