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7/17/2012 1:46:36 PM

Yes orbs are energy. My friend Mary works a lot in this area. google burlington scifi cafe. She gets all kinds of energy showing up in pictures, Someone took a picture over the tumb of the unknown solder and was it cool. I saw another pic taken outside of a nursing home and it looked like it was snowing there were so many orbs.

7/9/2012 12:37:05 PM

I was just thinking the same thing. I hang out with my scifi friends on the weekends when I can. Way too cool. I have to show her this one. She has all kinds of cool pics on scifi cafe burlington wi. They are doing a bigfoot hunt next weekend. :( can't go. Are into orbs and faries. They got a fairy on a video the other day . Too cool

5/3/2012 9:16:31 AM

LOVE the orbs!