... where I ended up!

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1/10/2013 3:29:18 PM

I grew up in Nashville. One is not allowed to emmigrate from there until one can play at least 3 chords on a guitar. At age 58 I pulled my guitar out from under the bed and began playing it with a band of similarly aged non-musician females (I had been singing and playing concert spoons with them for several years). All I can say is do it! You don't know what fun is! % )

4/22/2012 6:08:16 PM

Yeah, we had a blast there. That's an annual continuing education meeting we attend every year in Orlando-ish area. All the reps and sales folks sponsor stuff - amazing stuff, really. One year Bill Cosby was there. Another year Walter Cronkite was there. I think we had some big (old) name like Foreigner or somebody there that year. I can't recall now. Who's the guy from Wild Kingdom? he came with all sorts of wild critters. Betty White has been with us several times. It's great.

I played piano as a child. I'd love to re-learn it! I can still hunt-n-peck but although I know mentally what the time signatures are, I can't get it to translate to my fingers anymore! how frustrating. I'd love to learn guitar. I'm a sucker for good guitar. And harps absolutely lure me like fire for moths.

Anyway, the guitar in that photo really IS "air guitar": it was an inflatable thing they were carrying around to get people to take pictures. Worked, huh?!? hehe

4/21/2012 11:33:44 PM

Well, that looks like a fun night. What kind of music do you make?

3/12/2012 12:33:33 AM

Hi there!... nice to see you.. You guys make a wonderful couple! emoticon