Sierra, my angelkitty - 8 mos.

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3/26/2013 2:59:41 PM

OMG she is so beautiful!!!!

4/21/2012 10:52:28 PM

I think Abyssinians are the most beautiful cats. He is really gorgeous. My kitty has been on an all raw diet for about 6 years now. She was becoming very overweight and having dental problems on commercial food. Since we switched to raw her weight normalized and her gums healed. She's 15.

3/12/2012 12:12:56 AM

What a beautiful looking cat... I know you miss him? I am glad that you were able to have him in your life for that length of time... emoticon

2/28/2012 1:43:42 PM

Wow! You were lucky to have your kitty for a long life, too. It feels so "wrong" to me to not have a kitty in the house! I don't miss the litterbox either, but what you feed can really reduce the work there. Most of the higher end diets are more digestible, so they don't produce as much waste as typical grocery foods. Most important is to be sure the majority of the calories are protein or fats. Cats especially can't handle much grain-based foods. If the first ingredients list any grain, pass on it.

My first cat (not Sierra) was borderline leukemic, and I supplemented her diet a lot with raw meat. Not ground meats, since they're more likely to be contaminated with bacteria. But she thrived on that. When she'd go down with a bout of malaise, I'd cut out all her commercial diet entirely and just feed the meat until she bounced back. That usually did the trick in a couple days.

A house isn't a home until it has its resident cat. I can't wait to get another one. Good luck with finding one for your home!

2/28/2012 12:11:59 PM

What a beautiful cat! My last cat lived until the ripe old age of 23 1/2. Now I only have a dog and I am thinking about adopting another cat. The only thing I don't miss is having the litterbox around.

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