Mikie and her Mom in the Hometown Parade Mikie on her horse Traveler....

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2/15/2012 2:08:45 AM

She has grown up on her papa's farm and they have many horses, cattle and goats...There is no telling how she decided on Traveler, I wish I had asked her and I will ask her mom, but they have a 300 acre farm and she road him all over it with her friends and could be that is why. She was the only one who could ride him.
Thank you all for the precious comments.

2/15/2012 12:39:12 AM

A beautiful girl on a beautiful horse. How did she come to name it Traveler? I've heard that name before. My heart goes out to you and your family.

2/14/2012 10:58:06 AM

Sorry, didn't mean that emoticon - meant this one - emoticon

2/14/2012 10:57:07 AM

Great photo, but how tragic that she's gone. So sorry Boni. emoticon