May 2010 my bionic knee

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3/28/2012 10:05:17 PM

Thanks for your comment on my bionics! emoticon

I was crossing in a crosswalk on a green light and a texting teenager made a left turn right into me without looking up about 17 months ago... 4 days in the hospital with a tibial plateau fracture and torn meniscus. I know it could have been way worse. You sound worse off though - I had no weight bearing for 3 months and used a walker, and was able to walk (limp?) after that and lots of PT. I'm not supposed to ever jog again, but I can walk -- I'm doing the Leslie Sansone DVDs and surviving! 6 months in a brace must have been really rough! I'm not back to normal either, but I've figured out this is the new normal. I also figured out it hurts a lot more when I go on sugar binges and feels better when I don't... haven't reached complete abstinence in that area, but I'm doing better and I feel better. Hope you have found an exercise that works for you!