Day 2 of the PPRAC ride, somewhere in WV, long hard climbing day, 100 mi, 10K feet!

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2/5/2012 7:20:03 AM

That, my friend, is a WHOLE lot of climbing!

1/19/2012 10:55:23 PM

10k feet of climbing? You are my SHEro!!! Wow!!! emoticon

1/15/2012 1:50:30 PM

Good pic! You look like all you need is a little cytomax and up the next big climb.

1/3/2012 9:12:50 PM

Paul, PPRAC is the PA Perimeter Ride Against Cancer. I did it this past August, it's every other year. It's a 500+ mi ride for 6 days straight, challenging climbs. Each time they do it they start somewhere different but always end up back in Palmerton PA (where the founder is from). Last year we rode from Elkins WV to Palmerton, 525 miles. Lots and lots of climbing. It's a fundraiser, must raise a minimum of 1K. Here is the pprac website for more info on the ride and cause.

1/3/2012 8:58:17 PM

Nice picture! What is the PPRAC? You should come out to NM / CO for a ride