This Cross is in Groom,Texas-19 stories tall-Stations of the Cross at the bottom

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1/24/2014 1:23:27 PM

Beautiful, inspiring. I hope to see it in person one day.

4/7/2013 9:56:15 PM


12/2/2012 7:51:11 AM

WOW! Amazing! in N. Michigan we have a cross in the woods but its not nearly this tall but when i visit in the summer its such a great place to go to pray and once in my younger years i said a prayer on my knees every step til i got to the top!! Couldnt do that now with my older knees but just sitting there in silence is awesome too Blessings to you , BONNIE emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

9/4/2012 5:49:29 AM

I should of said, if I ever get back to Texas again I will surely visit Groom, would love to see the Cross that's there, I'm sure it's awesome to see...As I said, have been in Dallas way back in the late 60's, been to various parts of the USA recently and lived in Florida and Louisiana back in 67/68, came home to Canada and got married, been here ever since...

9/4/2012 5:42:08 AM

Sounds beautiful, if I ever have the opportunity of visiting Texas I will surely visit there.... Never heard of Groom, Texas, been to Dallas but never Groom...

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