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12/28/2013 2:50:15 AM

This is such an amazing picture, with your caption... thank you for sharing!

3/25/2013 12:09:20 PM

Religious belief, like history itself, is a story that is always unfolding, always subject to inquiry and ripe for questioning. For without doubt there is no faith.
-- Jon Meacham

Any teaching should not be accepted as true for the following ten reasons: hearsay, tradition, rumor, accepted scriptures, surmise, axiom, logical reasoning, a feeling of affinity for the matter being pondered, the ability or attractiveness of the person offering the teaching, the fact that the teaching is offered by *my* teacher. Rather, the teaching should be accepted as true when one knows by direct experience that such is the case.
-- The Buddha

1/16/2012 9:19:09 PM