My little pooch

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3/28/2015 11:47:58 AM

Yes, Annie and Fred do look similar! I had thought for awhile of not having Annie fixed till she had one liter of pups. Then I found out Annie's father was quite a bit bigger than Annie is so her pups could make it tough for Annie during birth.
If Annie hadn't been fixed, Fred and Annie sure would make cute puppies!! Fred sure is a cutie!!

12/8/2014 9:50:29 AM

Oh how sweet!

11/26/2011 10:55:25 AM

Aww...Love the flower in the collar. I used to have abig beautiful fluffy cloud of a cat, white with black patches. He wore a red ferret leash. At Christmas we visited nursing homes, and I put a big red bow on him. You can imagine what a hit he was!