LOVE this!! Check out those abs!!! Click and read comment for poem.

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9/1/2011 2:58:47 PM

I LOVE this! Both the words and the pictures! Did you write and draw it? You rock!

7/9/2011 4:37:23 AM


5/25/2011 2:01:16 PM

Some girls are built for kissin', Some girls are built for love, Some girls like diamonds and pearls and all that fancy stuff, But some girls are built for speed and some girls they like to fight, There ain't nothing so sweet as a girl on skates whoopin other girls asses all night. She's the hottest little deal on eight wheels, Jammin' and blockin' and real skull knockin', it's enough to make a grown man yell Go! Go! Roller Girl! Look at that girl roll! Roller Derby saved my soul. She's got muscles in all the right places, tattoos, attitude, and sass. And I'll be damned to hell if a skinny little girl could roll up and whoop my ass. Some men like em quiet, some men like em shy, But give me a girl with some bruises on her butt and a killer look in her eye. Now friends I was lost and I was lonely, like a wheel with no where to roll. I was hungry for a game that could ease my pain and put the fear of woman in my soul. I'm not talkin bout no cheerleader, not talkin bout no volleyball team, I'm talking about the ones with the moves and the guts. I'm talking about roller derby!