1978, 22 yrs. old when I worked at UCLA Medical Center.

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5/5/2013 9:39:15 PM

I was 3 in 1978, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that top! I remember when I used to be able to wear stuff like that. My tummy was ALWAYS out and shining. Now I have to cover it up so the spare tire I am carrying will stay in place.

But things are getting better... and the fat roll is shrinking! I measure it every 2 weeks. It's still the same circumference, but I feel it lowering itself and deflating (like my flat tire on my truck this morning!) LOL!

8/23/2011 2:32:30 AM

This sure brings back memories. I was 28 in '78. I also was skinny. We will get to where we want to be!!

4/29/2011 8:10:03 PM

I added this after an old boyfriend on FB asked to see a picture of me from high school. Couldn't find one, so posted this instead. All of 118 lbs.