Amelia the princess - Halloween 2010

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11/1/2011 7:42:11 PM

What a beautiful girl. My first Basset Bentley loved his sweaters & Superman outfit. You must have so many wonderful memories of her! I hope she & Bentley can meet up & play together (& model) at the Rainbow Bridge. emoticon emoticon emoticon

4/20/2011 7:17:20 PM

She actually LOVES clothes! It's kinda funny actually. I had gotten a couple of doggie sweaters for her years ago (until my 4 year old son came along...then he started getting the clothes and not her!). Whenever I pull them out of the closet in the fall she starts pawing at them and going crazy. We call her the little fashion model!

4/19/2011 7:01:54 AM

Beautiful princess--not sure she enjoys being all decked out, but she looks patient enough!! Thanks for sharing this!! :)