Sugar & Chessie 2005

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7/14/2013 1:11:52 PM

Oh, Momma was a Chocolate... my favorite color for the RM's she is gorgeous.
My Tenn Walker is a Sorrel with Flaxen Mane & Tail. He's a keep all right :-)
Haven't ridden in months ~ either due to the heat, my age (70) or my weight.
Of course my weight is the only thing I can change so that is why I'm on Spark People. Confused with all the clubs, nicknames, and special apps for tracking etc. But you wrote me a nice message and said we had much in common, and I feel that we do after going back to your Spark Page. I am a Gastric Bypass patient, wish I would've done the lapband, but back in the day ~ I was happy with what I could get... results were okay but the scar on the belly of the first surgery's are awful, compare to the nice little spots they leave now. Well, they don't have a switchboard any more either ~ and back in the day I felt like my job at that was so secure Ha Ha Look at what I have to learn now. I'm getting it, but much better if a teenager comes by and shows me a thing or two :-) Keep up the good work Marg, and please do keep in touch when you can.
Dottie in Florida

12/10/2011 5:33:19 PM

My two Rocky Mountain's.... Sugar is the Momma and Chessie (Star of Chesapeake) is the foal. They now reside in Indiana with a couple who trail ride them together!