April 7, 2011

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8/1/2011 4:03:40 PM

Esther, how tall are you? I couldn't find that anywhere, but you look pretty tall. I'm ~5'11 and was trying to figure out a good goal weight. Man you are looking good - love this pic! Keep up the great work!! Hope you're feeling better after this past weekend! *hug*

7/10/2011 2:13:17 PM

Every time I see your name and picture pop up (it's this picture) I have a moment of "wow, she's gorgeous". Top it off with you having one of my favorite names of all time, and you've got it GOING! :)

I know you're having a hard time, but take a second to look in the mirror and realize just how amazing you are, ok? The rest of us certainly think so!

5/8/2011 10:49:36 PM

I LOVE this picture - you look so happy and beautiful!

5/4/2011 8:20:05 PM

Wow, you look FANTASTIC! What a huge transformation, and you really look confident in yourself. :)

4/17/2011 4:57:04 AM

You look BEAUTIFUL!! I can see both sides of your waist in between those girls!! Gorgeous, gorgeous...seriously. LOVE IT!!!

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