My garden plot last year with veggies amoung the flowers

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5/31/2011 8:58:20 PM

Love your garden! We'll have to trade secrets!

4/1/2011 4:56:52 PM

That is some Garden. Wow! I just joined craft's to-day. So going around looking at the gals pages. Your love I see. I live in the country and our ground is gravel and clay.

Last year just to plant morning glories it took so much good earth and all the things to make the earth good for such a little porch flowers.

The other place we had was like yours. We have deer come like 9. So we did plant chives and marigolds and they did not eat the veggies.

Here we have so many deer again. Plus ground hogs. Friendly guys too friendly. So I love your garden. Your flowers also.