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Member Comments on this Photo:
10/1/2013 10:11:38 PM

Awesome picture.

5/17/2011 5:47:39 PM

Haha, was the only way I could take it. Very inept at picture taking, so I did it in the bathroom mirror. Thanks for the compliment!

5/17/2011 4:18:16 PM

Great Picture. I wish I could edit the other comment I made. It didn't make sense. I think I was trying to ask if it was a picture from a reflection in the mirror. ANY HOOOO... You look marvelous!!! You found the "mirror of youth" !!!!!! (aka fountain of youth)

1/25/2011 5:03:23 PM

I'm not sure, but is this a "reflection" of you? I love the picture but am not sure.