The girls 12.24.10

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1/9/2011 7:27:14 PM

That's so sweet! :-) Thanks she'll be happy to hear that btw! She's the tall one! I'm on the right and my sister is taller than me.. but I had on heels in this pic and she didn't! I'm the shortest lol

1/9/2011 2:28:37 PM

I can't tell who mom is. Go mom

12/26/2010 6:41:05 PM

LOL! This was actually like day 3 hair so I was happy it turned out looking ok! Thanks for the compliment! P.s. this is a braid out!

12/26/2010 6:42:32 PM

I am so jealous of your hair ! Mine will not be controlled when down and curly ! and btw - Looking FAB !