Panamint Springs, Dec 2010

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4/7/2011 3:09:00 PM

Well, hello, my GORGEOUSNESS!! Just happened to be in your neighborhood (making sure my email for notices to when my friends 'do' blogs was updated) and this picture caught my eye!! I don't remember this picture!! I sooo *L*O*V*E* it!! Yer' definitely an outdoors kind a girl like me!! ::squeezes::

Look how tiny yer' kids are- standin' there... with the big WIDE open world b4 them!! Sooo precious!! Hope you & yours are amassing many spring treasures galore, dearest friend!!

1/25/2011 9:46:20 PM

Love the pic!! you're so pretty!!

12/17/2010 6:01:07 AM

You look fantastic !!!

12/15/2010 6:03:07 AM

Awesome! You don't look like a Dragon after all! :)

12/14/2010 9:40:44 PM

what a great picture!