My exercise buddy

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Member Comments on this Photo:
2/22/2011 3:20:29 PM

What a BEAUTIFUL dog!
And thanks for viewing my SparkPage.

2/14/2011 8:31:29 PM

What a GREAT workout buddy!!

1/24/2011 12:56:21 PM

looks like my best walking dog but is in doggie heaven . Same colour as yours.
My buddie was running with me in the fields many mooss ago every day and loved outside.
Even in the winter. Your dog is beautiful!

I sure miss mine.

1/20/2011 3:10:28 PM

We got him from a Golden Retriever Rescue group, but he isn't pure Golden. He's 68 pounds under all that fluff. The vet thinks he's mixed with a border collie or australian shepherd. It almost seems like he has Great Pyrenees in him due to the coat and huge paws. He seems bigger and hairier than a Toller, but who knows. (My husband's parents were from Nova Scotia, so that would be cool if he were)

1/20/2011 2:47:39 PM

Adorable! What kind of dog? Looks like ours, a Toller