My collage- I want to climb the stairs, go biking with my husband, wear a size 10 and more.....

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6/27/2011 8:23:55 AM

Great motivation! I have been with SP almost 11 months and have still to put something like this together. Thank you for motivatiing me.

10/29/2010 10:34:11 AM

This is the collage I've done for Spark People, for my motivation. I want to climb the stairs easier, go biking with my very fit hubby, see my handsome young great grandson (picture with his mom my granddaughter) grow up, Live to a respectable 97 years like my grandfather, that did it in spite of his diabetes. I want my A1C (a measurement of diabetes control, less than 6 is normal) to be 6.0 or less. I want to "use my pouch" not abuse it, by following my doctors orders. I also want to be here to take care of my beautiful handicapped daughter Shireen.

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