This is me before my first wedding (Feb/Mar 1984), at about 130 pounds (10-15 pounds over goal).

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8/22/2012 5:16:23 PM

I agree with everyone, you look pretty darn good here!

1/10/2012 8:50:58 PM

Dare the male of the species weigh in (no pun intended). I see losing weight on Spark (or elsewhere, as the path toward better preventative health, more so than a given physical appearance, recaptured from one's own past or otherwise. That said, doubtlessly you turned many a head in 1984. It's never too late...

10/10/2011 8:15:30 PM

I have to tell you, I think you look great here! I see so many people here who want to get down to like Gwen Stefani size and imo that's just way too skinny! I like curves on people, lol! I think that's what's attractive. I remember being 125 lbs in high school and early college and thinking I was at least 10 lbs overweight, and now I look back at those pictures and realize I could see my bones. I never, ever want to get below 135 again and probably not even there! I'd be happy at 145-150, near the top of my BMI range. Hmmm...I should do a blog post about this rather than leaving big ol' comments on your pictures, huh? :D

7/18/2011 10:54:19 PM

I remember I felt fat and flabby when the photo was taken, but the jeans were fairly new. I had lost about 30 pounds the summer between my sophomore and junior year in high school, and gained maybe 5-10 minutes my freshman year in college (on the west coast). Then I had started running again before I got engaged, and so could still wear those jeans. I'm not sure where the jeans are now - pretty sure I gave them away when I really got too fat for them after my divorce. I still looked way better at that time, compared to how I look now. Doubtless all I really needed to do back then was more strength training, but I didn't know that then. I could do the Plow in yoga, and I can't do that now, so want to be able to do that again.