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12/11/2010 8:45:34 PM

I was just wondering how I can contact someone from Sparkpeople reguarding my team that I created and it shows I'm no longer the team leader when I personally started the team.

11/23/2010 8:50:31 AM

I go to Zumba classes is that considered high impact areobics I need to list it as an exercise would that be a better term to put under?

10/8/2010 1:34:48 PM

I changed my username earlier today and it has been a nightmare...ALL DAY...Some links I can access but ALL TEAMS and HUDDLE PAGES are all out of bounds. When I try and click on the drop down menu to access my tools for my spark points the same message comes up as username entered incorrectly. Any other link I try and access I get a message stating username or password entered incorrectly. I am not able to receive spark points for reading any articles or blogs and can't participate in a POLL either as I get the username error again.

I have retraced my steps, entered info 2nd time and saved, I even changed my e-mail address to my secondary e-mail, part of the links work but everything else is totally not working. I can see all my data I've entered but when I try and huddle, I'm told I have to be a member before I can huddle. That stands for the Spark Teams. I have tried all day to make a blog posting, I only gained access by clicking on make a blog post from my start page, I got on that page via using a search engine finding spark people and clicking on a tab to join, when I did that my blog page appeared...

Please if you have any ideas or suggestions to help me solve this dilemma can you leave me a message on my spark page.

If anyone can offer some solutions to this dilemma I would so appreciate what ever you can do to help me...Thanks and God Bless....

10/5/2010 9:57:54 AM

I need to track sugar on my Nutrition page, but there is no way to do that. Every food label lists the content of Sugars; however, Spark Nutrition does not allow you to track this food nutrient. It does allow Fructose, Sucrose and Glucose, but food labels do not have this info listed. It is just listed as Sugars. I hope that this can be fixed.

9/17/2010 7:29:37 AM

I am in my 40's, not that overweight, sometimes underweight. I do not exercise have many health issues, ie, Hep C and mersa. I have a lot of information on mersa as I almost died earlier this year and am now disabled. My sister, tina has twisted my arm to join this site. I am not convinced this is for me but to shut her up.....I am here...:0) lol emoticon

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