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10/8/2011 3:27:38 PM

She's a beauty.. and how lucky for both of you to have found each other. I'm very sorry you lost your son.... emoticon emoticon

8/2/2011 6:10:13 PM

beauty picture of Cindy Lou

7/31/2011 9:40:23 PM

I am the owner of my second rottweiler. Both were rescues. I have found them to be protective, loyal, playful and loving. I never heard of the breed until I heard a missionary ask about the dogs that protected his wife while he was in the jungle of New Guinea and she was in the states.

7/6/2011 10:15:35 PM

Cindy is a joy, sweet and affectionate. She loves everyone. In May I got a new puppy, as Razz is getting older, and Cindy needs a playmate. This one was offered as a Rottie Mix, and she has the color, but definitely not Rottie Mix. Sweet, pliant, loving, and probably Shepherd, but not the Rottie/Husky mix we were told. The vet laughed, and said no Husky, and not looking like a Rottie. The older dogs seem to love her thoroughly, though.

7/6/2011 5:28:33 PM

She is a beauty! She looks like she would be so much fun. Makes me want to bring my lab and come and play!

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