five generations, Grandma 103 yrs.

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8/31/2011 7:03:37 PM

It is a nice 5 generation shot of us all. We have one when Taylor was a baby. It is very nice of us all, 16 yrs. younger.
We also did a couple with my son, and his son, but with my daughter, it is 5 generations of women. emoticon

8/31/2011 6:48:57 PM

What a great photo Andrea. So happy you took it and shared with us. Looks like your mom is next to you? Such a nice family. (-: (-: emoticon

2/4/2011 1:14:02 PM

My grandma was 103 &6 months, when she passed this Dec. 22 nd. I'm so glad that my Daughter, brought her daughter, and we had this last 5 generation, picture taken. I thought Gma. could go on forever, but of course none of us do. On my mom's side, we have longevity, but not so much on my Dad's. Good luck with healthy living, and hopefully we can all live long and well.

2/4/2011 12:40:54 PM

This is a great photo. My dad is 90 and my mother in law is 87. Both do well. I did have two grandfathers that lived to be 98 and 99. Doesn't say much for the women in my family, does it? I can change that. lol

Beautiful family