me with my rocker" look-late 2007-@ my thinnest

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2/14/2013 12:03:38 AM

This is me at 188 lbs.!!...the result after the pic of me from 2005 where I was at 309 lbs. I had lost 121 lbs. that first time around within 4 mths. time.I was stressed & very sickly despite this being my favorite pic of me. I think because I was at my thinnest.I had felt healthier than I'd felt in a long time but just didn't know I had type 2 diabetes. I looked great & was more active. I walked everywhere!

2/5/2013 7:36:24 PM

According to my doctor tonight in this pic I was only 8 lbs. from my weight loss goal. So this is about where I will be again in just a few short months!! But healthier this time around...I will post an updated pic soon!...

5/14/2011 7:08:49 AM

You are very pretty. emoticon