My three reasons to keep going even when I want to quit.

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11/20/2010 11:31:46 PM

Hi Blue Warriors!! I'm sort of able to get onto Spark this morning! It's been really reluctant every time I've tried this past week, and it still isn't letting me post to Teams much - not at all today. However it is letting me post to people's pages today so I'm copying this to all the Blue Warriors' today instead of the support thread. I don't want you all to think I've abandoned you all! I'm still here and battling on with you all.

So if you are like me and having trouble posting in Spark this week, try sending messages to each others' pages today instead. We need to stick together to the finish!! I'll repost the week's challenges once Spark let's me back into the Team threads!! In the meantime, enjoy your Snackless Saturday and Selfish Sunday, and good luck with Monday morning weigh ins!!!! Keep up the battle Blue Warrior!! You deserve it!!