Elite Psion

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4/1/2012 6:04:29 PM

Actually he is a character I played in an on-line game here on Spark.

A Psion is one who has learned to use the power of his brain to accomplish many things that would appear miraculous.(like trans-location, pyrotechnics, actually feel danger and point to the direction it is coming from, etc.)

It takes a natural talent and/or many years of training. The most powerful are also able to heal simply through the power of their brain, but it drains their body of energy and they actually lose weight while accomplishing these things.

As a result, they are all slender unless in the employ of another. Then they get to be quite heavy if the employer is expecting an attack - or starting a war on his own behalf.

Too bad we can't all be like him and could lose weight just by doing something strenuous with your brain.

3/31/2012 5:27:29 PM

Whomever this is...he looks scary!!!