About a half hour into a 5.5 hour hike through the Hocking Hills area.

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Member Comments on this Photo:
1/5/2011 6:40:36 PM

A great area to hike!!!!! I live around this area. Can't wait until Spring....lots of hiking for me and my husband!!!! :)

1/2/2011 10:36:20 PM

I am new to this site and saw this photo of you at Hocking Hills. My daughter lives in the area and we were there too. I used to love to hike and it had been years. Even as big (300lbs) as I am I climbed and walked and had a ball. I surprised myself and loved it so much. Next time I go back I hope to do better. Keep up the good work!!!!

6/20/2010 6:56:50 PM

Wow that's a long hike, way to go!