My big boy Dawson

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Member Comments on this Photo:
6/23/2010 10:08:37 PM

Gotawrangler - Dawson is my third Golden and my first red one. The first two were blondes. Blonde or redhead, they've all been wonderful companions.

Thx for stopping by; I really appreciate it.

6/23/2010 10:02:23 PM

My first goldie, Tori, was a redhead. And so is my current spawn of Satan, Lily. Love those red retrievers!! Dawson is gorgeous!

6/16/2010 11:14:52 PM

Xena - He is a beautiful boy and so lovable and a huge ball hound. He just loves hanging with us and playing ball.

6/16/2010 10:36:31 PM

Oh my he is red isn't he and a handsome boy too.