My three fur babies: Sadie, Joie and Dawson

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6/23/2010 10:23:56 PM

Hickok-Haley - Those are my babies and they do rule the house.

Gotawrangler - They're all my little lovebugs. Dawson (Golden) though is definitely my handsome boy.

6/23/2010 9:56:20 PM

Your babies are lovely, but, oh, that golden retriever! He is a beauty!!!

6/17/2010 11:18:47 PM

What a lovely household!

6/16/2010 11:12:50 PM

Xena - Sadie was a rescue doggy so we're not sure of her mix but we were told that she was a Corgi mix but she does look like she has some Jack Russell in her. She's also wicked smart - sometimes we call her the Queen Bee because she is definitely the boss, which I'm told is a Jack trait.

The boys are good doggies too! For rescue dogs, they're all pretty well behaved. When we first got them, the boys seemed a little skittish, which made us think that they were abused but years of love and affection from hubby and I have made them absolute love bugs.

Just curious but who came up with Phred? Don't think I've ever known a Phred.

6/16/2010 10:38:29 PM

Is Sadie a Jack Russell. My DH's dog Phred is mixed with poodle. Whoever in their right mind thought that was a good idea had to be as nuts as Phred is.
All your dogs are so cute and even posed for the pic. emoticon