I'm married to the junk food king. This was not staged! The table looked like that.

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12/6/2012 10:11:03 PM

LOL! I was married to a guy like that once. :)

11/4/2012 9:53:13 AM

Imagine rat urine all over it and back away..... emoticon

11/2/2012 11:41:35 AM

I am married to his brother. I wish I had a picture of my pantry in my cell phone. We have a whole 4 shelf section of our pantry that is FULL of junk food, especially chips. I probably have at least 10 family size bags of chips of different flavors. With cases of soda lined up on the floor of the pantry. Throw in some candy, cookies and honey buns. It's totally ridiculous.

10/9/2012 1:57:28 PM

wow. Just wow. Wait, what is inside the snow man? I recognize some peanut butter there. And there are the evil pringles.
You have a challenging environment!

10/6/2012 11:10:48 AM

Mmmmmm, Krispy Kremes!

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