picture of ship that I bought don't know who

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10/28/2013 1:32:30 PM

you know when I was a little girl I believe we had a very similar painting. It was ruined years later in a storage building after my parents divorce. Thanks for posting it, beautiful!!!!

3/9/2012 3:53:02 PM

Now that's a beauty!!!

4/12/2011 3:05:14 PM

Hey! I have a small collection of Charles Vickery prints .... most of are Tall Ships and look a lot like what you have. Is this a print or an oil? I have a good friend that studied under Vickery that paints like him quite a bit. Wonder if it's one of his.... OH.... nice meeting you.

12/3/2010 4:58:21 AM

Absolutely beautiful. I could not have resisted that one either!!!

12/2/2010 8:24:41 AM

I believe this is a Tall (sail) ship because of all the sails and tall masts. They dont make them like that any more. (My Grandpa, my mothers father, was a ship builder.) That is a copy of a photo, more than likely from an oil painting, right? You can buy them online. Or at souvenir shops along Boston Harbor up to Nova Scotia. ts oen way sailers make money onlone and off. I hope you did not pay more than 50 dollars for it! It looks like an old type ship, they still make them, but I believe its a Spanish ship used for transporting stuff. Its a sail ship and most common type of seagoing vessel are sail ship, but thats the kind they sell in photos. Because of the impression sails! But if its an oil is quite good from what I see. It looks like the kind of ship designed after the Mayflower and those cant be found in Prints in many states! (I have seen a lot of photographs of ships over the years being that we have several sailers in my family. And guess what? Sailers still get vertigo and seasick. You could not get my mother on any sailing vessel! And I get seasick, but once I am on a ship it passes after taking Ginger. lol That specific ship is a Ship that once sailed out if Nova Scotia. Have you been there? But most ships you see along the Eastern coast are Sail boats (a lot of fishing boats and schooners. Love living near waters! I live near two Lakes and we see ships all the time. Thanks for the memories! Love to see the ships! (and I type too much! , Sorry).

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