My parents make history - my mother's wedding dress in a museum!

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10/26/2011 6:59:51 AM

It is a museum in SW washington and they have a gallery of wedding dresses representing each decade. (this dress was for the 1950's) Hers was shared by at least three brides - my mother was the first to wear it and the woman above the last that then donated it. My mother was a Korean war bride and married my dad just as he was being shipped out to train as a fighter pilot. I think the dress was picked as it had both the modest of the day (higher neckline and covered arms) and yet had the flare of imported lace with a fit to show off a 104 lb figure. To see a picture of my mother see the caption of "Just for Linda" and she is sitting with my grandmother.

6/24/2010 8:23:18 AM

What kind of museum and why was the beautiful dress included?