April 2010..108 pounds lost since 9/18/2009 & 155 pounds lost total overall since Jan. 2009

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4/11/2011 1:40:03 AM

You are such an encouragement to so many. I told my neighbor about you yesterday when she told me her diabetic brother was turned down for knee replacement because he is over 400 pounds. She is going to give him the SP invormation I gave her for him.

6/10/2010 12:47:07 PM

Just looking at your page. wow, you have done so well. I can take a page from your book. i need to lose 15 lbs. which doesn't seem like much, but I'm having quite the time. I do exercise everyday, so that is a plus. Good luck to you. Andrea

6/8/2010 3:51:26 PM

DAMN good progress!

6/7/2010 7:28:37 PM

Awesome progress my friend!

6/7/2010 10:28:17 AM

WhooHOO! You are amazing! A good role model too. How did you do it?