My Vision Collage 1

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3/24/2010 9:16:10 PM

I love your motivational collage. I have been planning on making mine but never seem to get around to it. I hope you have it some where that you can see it often. emoticon

3/24/2010 5:52:39 PM

It's terriffic Teena. You've given me a few ideas.
Cheers girl.

3/10/2010 4:24:47 PM

I like this one- nicely arranged, has all you need, not too cluttered. I have not started mine but this is a good example to go by!

3/2/2010 11:40:25 AM

Looks great Teena!

I have to make a new one of these. I made one a couple of years ago, but I've got different values and goals this time around. Is this a collage that is on your wall at home somewhere, or is it on the computer only? I'm going to make one with bristol board so I can put it on my bedroom wall for inspiration each and every day :D

3/2/2010 11:13:58 AM

I love it! Beautifully made!!