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Member Comments on this Photo:
5/21/2010 6:09:54 PM

Aww! Your pony is cute! I've got quite a soft spot for the blacks. My boy is black too.

4/19/2010 12:33:15 PM

I love your bare back riding. My mom taught us all to ride and she insisted we learn bare back and only with a halter to learn to have balance and to ride with your body as opposed to your reigns. It does wonders, I often used to climb out the vehicle and on top of my horse and canter all the way from the gate, over the lowered rail fence and to the stables before climbing off. Riding using my horses mane and my heels was a way of life back then. Wish I still had my horses sigh.

3/19/2010 10:08:29 PM

Always be careful bareback.Its hard to climb back on in the middle of a field. emoticon

2/26/2010 8:25:37 PM

Your horse is so pretty and looks very gentle! What kind of horse do you have? Happy horsin' and sparkin'! P.S. What kind of riding do you do? Myself I love trail riding! Have fun. Diana emoticon emoticon emoticon

2/16/2010 3:26:58 PM

What breed of horse do you have. He looks very similiar to my draft cross who is just awesome. Charlene