My Peaceful Pond

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3/7/2010 11:25:10 PM

We were fortunate to move into a house that had this lovely pond. We have worked on it quite a bit, but it is a labor of love as it adds such tranquility and blessings to our yard -- and our hearts! Glad you like it. I'll post more pics of it later in the summer!

2/22/2010 12:01:34 PM

I've had the joy of relaxing beside your heart out Siriradha! heh heh

2/13/2010 6:02:23 AM

Your pond is beautiful; it looks so peaceful. Did you build it? We built a meditation pond as an extension of the memorial garden we planed for my granddaughter. I need to post a pic.

2/9/2010 2:55:30 PM

Is envy one of the seven deadlies? I'm trying to keep an accurate count today. Did you arrange this beautiful pond?