I had this dress in 4 different colors because it fit.

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5/21/2012 6:30:17 PM

I understand, now as u slim down u have tons & tons more options instead of just getting whatever fits, you know?

12/17/2010 11:10:13 AM

I bought a coat two sizes smaller than I wore this past January and I thought THAT was an achievement! You're phenomenal! You're amazing! You really seem to have your determination to be healthy screwed on tight and you're going to take it to the finish line!


10/29/2010 2:10:12 PM

What an awesome transformation. Your a beautiful lady... keep going!! :)

5/24/2010 11:52:25 AM

I hope you threw these dresses out because they will never fit you again!! On to new and better clothes for you! Great job!

5/20/2010 5:06:48 PM

This person I am sure you do not even know anymore. Your the new hot gal on the block. I bet you alot of eyes turn now. Also to be honest. You may have started something in your block. A good example to others to start moving.

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