November 22, 2009 in Central Park, NYC ~ 235 lbs

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12/30/2009 10:11:50 PM

I found you through the 30's to lose 100lbs... and I was just struck by how similar we are in numbers when you first started and how I'm first starting... and then as I read through your page and saw your pics, I have to say: you are the most motivating person I have found thus far and I have met some amazing stories... Then when I saw this pic, I smiled cause Nov 22 is my bday... and right before I opened up your pic I was thinking, "God, can I do this, too? Lord, I don't know if I can do it like her but wow, I really want to try now..." And then I opened the pic and saw my birthdate, lol.. okay, so maybe not so weird but it impacted me... Thanks for journaling your story. It's helping spark mine...

11/30/2009 12:02:28 AM

you look wonderful!

11/24/2009 8:57:20 PM

you are really glowing and look lovely keep it going may queen