my fattest swimmwear shot ever! Dec007/Jan08- 5 months post breast feeding!

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2/10/2011 8:13:29 AM

One of my best friends is a fair-skinned redhead. She convinced her 26 yo early on that no matter what, she'd never tan so don't destroy her skin trying (now there's Mystic tan if absolutely necessary!) Anyway, when daughter married last year, her skin was flawless cream and one with her dress color - simply breathtaking! Now That's Worth It!

12/7/2009 12:17:04 AM

I have to laugh at myself - I love to swim in wilderness areas.
I am an ozzie who is always so white! This is the height of summer and I look so pasty!
Still, no wrinkled sun damaged crocodile skin for me.
If I am in the sun for 10 minutes I burn baby burn.

11/19/2009 8:05:17 AM

Now, now - this is a wonderful picture! A mum with an angelic looking little boy (who reminds me of my brother at that age...awww!)