Just had to post this when I found it LOL

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1/31/2011 11:35:19 AM

Nicely put, I'm glad you posted it too!

12/1/2010 12:35:36 PM

I know exactly how you feel. I have had lupus for about 14 years (diagnosed) and I can't tell you how many times I've heard "but you're looking pretty good" and thought " I wish you could feel the way I do for 10 minutes and I bet you wouldn't volunteer to "look pretty good!!" lol. Anyway, I'm so much better now. It's a miracle and Praise be the Lord!! Hope you get better, too. Some days have been just indescribable. Hang in there!

8/2/2010 9:45:08 AM

People who say that are so rude! How would they know?!

12/11/2009 8:10:33 AM

Agreed! I have lupus, same deal here!

10/31/2009 7:39:05 PM

This is great and hits very close to home as we all have heard those words numerous times. I sent it a friend who is plagued by arthritis.

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