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4/23/2012 5:29:01 PM

So cute!

11/7/2009 6:13:31 PM

Silvia wanted a kitty for the house and we got 2 batches from our dairy farmer neighbours, the group of two we couldn't split up and the group of 3 were long hairs and we didn't want a long hair in the house. So now, they live in the calf barn unless they are supervised outside until they learn the dangers of tractors, manure pits and further from the barn, coyotes who love tasty little kitties. Our milker spoils them with treats and toys and there isn't a day that goes by that the kids don't go to play with them. They are so cute. In this photo sequence, Tom is missing he is a gray long hair.

11/7/2009 5:52:49 PM

June, is this your kitty? soooooo cute!!