James and I at Diamondhead

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Member Comments on this Photo:
4/12/2010 12:28:57 PM

what a view!

9/14/2009 10:00:35 PM

err... that should be "ease." I'm not calling you "easy." HA!

9/14/2009 10:00:04 PM

The "sweaty" didn't jump out at me right away--the happiness and peace and easy in your face and manner stand out first! I've been to Hawaii twice, and this is one of the most magnificent things to see there. I'm glad you got to see the view at the top--life-changing, huh?

9/14/2009 4:03:28 PM

Yes, my hair is all sweaty after walking the 7/8th of a mile all uphill. Not bad except for the last .25 mile composed of about 350+ STAIRS in 90 degree heat!