Moon at 29 in performance Of Minnie the Moocher

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9/30/2010 4:22:22 PM

Me too. That is why I chose it. I was 33 when this pictures was taken and after 6 kids!

9/30/2010 3:38:40 PM

I love that song!

10/14/2009 4:00:11 PM

Sure I do , mostly in my dreams Lol! No I am almost 60 and stopped dancing when I was 42! I did do production /choreography but injured my knee and stopped by 44 however I translated it into a visual medium. My daughter also perform age 39 and her daughter now 19. In this picture I already had had 6 children by then & I was about 32 yrs...

10/14/2009 11:02:29 AM

Oh My gosh - I can see you doing that! Awesome! Do you still perform at all?