Brutus 11 weeks old

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7/14/2013 3:59:31 AM

so sweet & tiny boy...

8/31/2009 8:14:04 PM

He is so adorable. My rottie is also named Brutus, but he will be 3 this december 31. I love him so much. He is just such a sweetie and truly my boy. My husband works nights a few nights a week, and he is my guard dog. I can't leave a room without him hot on my heels. He wouldn't let anything happen to me or our other dog Ginger, a lab/shepherd mix. I have a picture of him on my page if you want to go look at him.

8/29/2009 10:43:39 AM

I came by to see your new baby and glad I did.....oh he is precious!!! I love that little face. Stop by my page and see mine. They are so adorable at this age. Is this your first Rottie? Merlin is my 4th.